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Open-air Museum
Pre- and Early History
31547 - Rehburg
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Geo coordinates
52.442648, 9.199222
The Dinosaur Park is one of the National geotopes.

A journey back into the time:
"When Dinosaurs Ruled the World"!
The Natural Monument Dinosaur Tracks

The large 3.500m2 hall which protects over 250 original Dinosaur tracks from erosion is in the center of our Park. Gigantic dinosaurs like Diplodocus, lived here in the Cretaceous period about 140 million years ago. These dinosaurs left their footprints in the mud of a shallow tropical lagoon. Fossilized in millions of years these amazing tracks of an ancient time survived until now! The tracks were discovered in 1975. Due to the acknowledged international importance of these tracks for paleontology, the protection hall was build to preserve these rare dinosaur footprints. The Trackmakers are three different types of dinosaurs: large herbivores like Diplodocus, smaller herbivores like Iguanodon and carnivores like the dangerous Allosaurus.

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Business hours

March to November: daily from 9am to 6pm


Children (age 0 till 3 years): free
Children (age 4 till 12 years): € 11,50
Adults: € 13,50
Dogs on a leash: free

season pass
Children (4 to 12 years): € 20.00
Teenagers & adults (from 13 years): € 24.00

Group tickets (from 20 people)
One accompanying person: free
Children (4-12 years): € 9.50
Young people and adults: € 11.50

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Alte Zollstraße 5
31547 Rehburg

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