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This is the high ropes climbing park directory. Here you can find a countless number of climbing parks, ropes courses, climing forests and high ropes courses.
More and more holidaymakers and day trippers find it attractiv to spend their time active and sporty instead of hanging around and being lazy. Since the 60s of the 20th century climing parks and high ropes courses became more famous and found a lot of more participants and fun enthusiasts than the years before.
But what do you need and most importantly, where is the difference between a high ropes course and a climbing forest?
Basically, the goal of both names is primarily the fun of height, climbing and of course the strategy to get safely to your destination. The onliest big difference is the surrounding of the destination.
While high ropes courses are primarily created artificially, and the individual climbing elements were carefully designed in an open space, the climbing forest is directly in a natural environment, as the name would suggest. In that case, the individual climbing elements are directly integrated into the crowns, trunks and branches of the trees.
What's better or worse? It is not possible to answer this question correctly, because it is a question of preference of each other.
There are two basic reasons, why using a climbing parcour: having fun while climbing and pedagogical- and teamoriented climbing. Especially the latter is often booked as part of team building events from companies to create a good relationship of trust among the employees.

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