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    Pre- and Early History
    2404 - Petronell-Carnuntum
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    48.11241, 16.861432
    Carnuntum, city of emperors, has been reborn. Uniquely throughout the world, the basic types of architecture in a Roman city quarter have been reconstructed in Carnuntum in their historical context: a citizen’s house, a splendid city mansion and public baths. The reconstructions are not fictitious sets or museum objects, but buildings that can be lived in. This means that all the buildings have been equipped with Roman underfloor heating systems and fully-functioning kitchens, and all the rooms are furnished. All layouts and decorative details refer to a single era, as does the level of the streets in the city quarter. Thus a unique time frame is opened in the first five decades of the 4th century AD. Just as if time had stood still 1700 years ago, when Carnuntum was the scene of an event that was to change the world permanently.

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    Hauptstraße 1a
    2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

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