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    96317 - Kronach (Gehülz)
    +49 9261 94477
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    50.242622, 11.265314
    The Heunischenburg in Gehülz

    The oldest scientifically researched stone castle in Europe north of the Alps

    The Heunischenburg is the oldest scientifically researched (from 1983 to 1987) stone castle in Europe north of the Alps. The fortification served as a post to control a trading route for copper and tin in the 9th century.

    The reconstruction of parts of the stonework and of a gate offers an impressive insight into the architecture of castles. For example, it shows the elaborate construction of the fortification, an obvious influence of Mediterranean architecture.

    Various discoveries of arms and traces of combat operations demonstrate how sought after this castle must have been. The impressive stone wall and the complex construction of the gate make the Heunischenburg one of the most interesting fortifications of the Late Bronze Age in central Europe.

    The Heunischenburg, located on the border between Kornach-Gehülz and Mitwitz-Burgstall, is worth a visit anytime throughout the year. Starting at Gehülz, the signposted parking lot can be reached by car or bus. In winter however, the accessibility can sometimes be restricted or impossible.

    Furthermore, there are some hiking routes around the Heunischenburg: amongst others the “Castleroute in the Franconian Forest” as well as the “Heunischenburg-Route” starting and ending in Mitwitz.

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