Quartz Reef (Bavarian Forest) Local destinations, sights and Places to visit

The pile is a unique quartz reef , which is formed about 275 million years. The rock formation runs mostly underground, and nearly straight for a distance of over 150 km through the Bavarian Forest.

A worthwhile excursion is a hike around the big pile at Viechtach . Where the pile is particularly impressive with its white quartz rock about 30m above the ground. Reached the 1km or 3km long circular walks from the parking lot " Big Pile " at the B85 . Particularly informative are the boards along the way that provide a lot of information about the development and use of bright quartz rock, and about the local fauna and flora. For more information, including legends of the "Great pile ," there are in the permanent exhibition " dragon crest and stunted pine - the Bavarian Pfahl " in the Old Town Hall in Viechtach to discover.

Another destination worth seeing is the white stone ruins , the castle walls are one of the highest elevations on the pile. The medieval hilltop castle is one of the most important and largest castles in the Bavarian Forest. Also, there is a also a hiking trail to admire the rock pile and spend some time in nature.

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