Rügen Local destinations, sights and Places to visit

Only 2 km away from the mainland is Germany's largest island: Rügen. The Baltic island of Rügen is a popular destination for young and old. At about 930 km² you can explore impressive natural and cultural landscapes, lively seaside resorts, sandy beaches and monuments. Of the total of 574km of coastline are about 63km as beaches, used mostly sandy beaches.

A popular destination is the Cape Arkona - the 45m high cliffs to the north of the island of Rügen, where you will find the fishing village Vitt, the Jaromarsburg and two lighthouses. About 1km away from Cape Arkona, on the cliff side of the Gell location, is the seven-stone cutter. The boulder marks the northernmost point of the island.

Germany's smallest national park in the northwest of the island of Rügen. Jasmund National Park comprises the Unseco the World Heritage-listed, natural beech forest. The National Park Centre Königsstuhl is in any weather an interesting destination. Both in the exhibition space and the 28.000qm large outdoor area there are many attractions in the Jasmund National Park to discover. During a trip there to visit the famous chalk cliff Königsstuhl is mandatory. It is located 118m above sea level. N.N. and allows a beautiful view of the coast of Rügen. The best view of the rocks themselves have been Victoriasicht the neighboring chalk cliffs or from the water with a boat trip.

The second National Park Ruegen, the National Boddenlandscape was established to protect the unique landscape of the region is due to the federal and beautiful nature is a popular day-trip destination.

If visiting the Granitz Hunting Lodge, built in 1836-1846 on the Temple Mount. Today boasts the hunting lodge next to the historic rooms with a fantastic view over large parts of Rügen to Stralsund and Greifswald.

Those wishing to explore the island of Rügen has many options: Over 250 km of cycling trails (including a bicycle path around the whole island), 80 km railway network and about 40 bus routes can trippers reach all destinations on Rügen. A ride on the steam-powered narrow gauge railway "Orlando Furioso" is for younger visitors a worthwhile excursion.

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