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62 km²
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Geo coordinates
47.814444, 8.659167
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Stadtverwaltung Tengen
Marktstr. 1
78250 Tengen

+49 7736 92330
The street leading by an arched bridge narrows in front of the gate so that there is only room left for one vehicle to come through. The town gate, in which the town-hall as well as the school of this town were located, is one of the landmarks. Behind the gate a wide place extends; the only street of the municipality is also situated here. A single building juts out from the row of houses; - this was the senior bailiff's residence of the territory Tengen in the past.

For centuries these grounds have been used for holding any fair. The most famous one is the so called 'Schätzele- Markt' (since 1291) which takes place annually at the last weekend in October.
You leave the grounds by another arched bridge and reach the castle - Tengen castle. There is only the keep with a height of 32 metres left of it. Another jewel follows, the chapel of the castle, called St Georg. Stones on the side of the path near the chapel indicate the presumable course of the town wall between Tengen and Tengen-Hinterburg.
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